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  1. MC001-A leather-like binder menu cover

    Many restaurants that don't use digital ordering systems still require high-quality menu covers. Imagine a menu cover that features your restaurant's engraved logo on a luxurious, leather-like material—creating a truly unique piece for your ...
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  2. Text Marketing - Reliable, Powerful, Flexible

    The menu source provides text marketing at actual cost. Restaurant Force already has many phone numbers. You can find customer's phone number in your POS system. The phone number in the Force is an existing customer, not an unspecified numbe...
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  3. To factory reset an Android tablet, follow these steps:

    Go to the "Settings" app on your tablet. Scroll down and tap on "System" or "General Management." Select "Reset." Tap "Factory Data Reset." Read the warning message and select "Reset Tablet" or "Reset Device." Enter your tablet's password if...
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  4. When hiring staff for a restaurant, here are some important factors to consider:

    Relevant experience: Look for candidates who have previous experience working in a restaurant, or in a similar service-oriented environment. Positive attitude: Hire staff who have a friendly, customer-focused attitude and are able to work we...
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  5. To find a good location for a small new restaurant, consider the following factors:

    Demographics: Consider the local demographic, including the age, income, and interests of the residents, and make sure your menu and concept will appeal to them. Accessibility to customer: Choose a location that is easily accessible by foot,...
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  6. Here are some tips to increase sales in a restaurant:

    Menu Optimization: Offer a well-rounded menu with a variety of options that appeal to a broad customer base. Marketing and Advertising: Advertise the restaurant effectively to reach a wider audience. Special Offers and Promotions: Offer spec...
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  7. Upselling techniques

    Upselling techniques are strategies used in a restaurant to encourage customers to purchase additional or higher-priced items. Here are some common upselling techniques used in restaurants: Suggesting Upgrades: Suggesting upgrades, such as a...
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  8. Here are some tips to increase repeat customers in a restaurant:

    Consistently Excellent Food and Service: Offer high-quality food and exceptional customer service to encourage customers to return. Personalized Experiences: Create personalized experiences for customers, such as remembering their favorite d...
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  9. Menu One PWA App Convenient Function - On/Off Switch

    The details determine the winner. -MenuOne- There is a time when I suddenly get busy while running a restaurant. This is a very strange phenomenon, where customers are rushing in like waves. Busy lunch and dinner times are normal, but someti...
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  10. Adding Hangul Selection to the Online Ordering System

    Details determine the outcome. -MenuOne- Hangul has been added to the online ordering system. You can choose Korean not only for customers but also for restaurant owners
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  11. Here are some steps you can follow to resolve a customer complaint at a restaurant:

    Listen actively: Let the customer fully express their concerns and show that you are paying attention. Apologize: Express regret for the inconvenience the customer has experienced, even if it wasn't your fault. Take responsibility: If the is...
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