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    What would be the initial cost to start tableside ordering for 10 tables?

    The setup for 10 tables is expected to cost around $4,000, including dedicated tablets, tablet holders, POS tablets, pedestals, kitchen display tablets, and tablet batteries.
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    What devices are needed to start tableside ordering?

    To start tableside ordering, you'll need to install a dedicated tablet, a tablet holder, and a battery if power installation under the table is difficult. Tableside ordering uses WiFi on installed tablets. To ensure proper functionality, mai...
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  3. Can I use the existing POS?

    You can or don't use an existing POS. Our recommendation is to use the tablets we offer.
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  4. My restaurant is in England. Can I use MenuOne's Table Order?

    This picture from Wikipedia Sure, restaurants are available globally, not just in the UK. Our system works in your language, and we can ship tablets, tablet holders, and other equipment to you anywhere. You can easily set them up on the tabl...
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  5. When a customer places an order at the table, does it integrate with the POS system?

    When a customer places an order at the table, the order is printed out, and the kitchen and bar are notified by the KDS (Kitchen Display System). McDonald's is like a system.
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  6. What is MenuOne's Table Order?

    MenuOne's Table Order System lets customers order and pay for food directly from their table using a tablet. When customers need assistance, they can select a reason on the tablet before pressing the call button, allowing staff to know their...
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